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SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. The core purpose of optimisation is to make website search engine friendly so that Google & other search engine bots easily crawl & index the website. Though SEO is not limited to this now with search engine optimisation, you need to prove search algorithm that your site is the best for any particular keywords to increase chances of displayed at the top of the search. Here come keywords in the title, description, page & creating 10X content on the topic you have selected, inbound links, social juice and this list is going to keep on increasing as the competition will become fierce.

Many say SEO was not that tough before a decade just with a small tweak, i.e. by keeping keywords in title, description and content you have a considerable chance to outperform competitors and being placed at the top of the search. It is obvious hardly anybody knew what SEO was during those days, but now the scenario is not the same. Almost all of them knew what SEO is and how it helps to increase organic reach and to be a very cost-effective way to generate leads everyone wants to achieve top position. So hope you now understand why SEO is becoming tough day by day.

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SMM a short form of Social media marketing, some even call it as a social media optimisation. It is a form of marketing at a social platform where your targeted audience is bound to spend considerable time. Social Media Marketing can be used for many purposes, to increase brand reach, to sell the products or service, to learn targeted audience, for remarketing etc.
I recommend not to use social platform for direct selling instead use them to increase brand awareness.
Hope above content will help you to understand what SEO & SMM is in layman term. If you like the way it is presented, please feel free to like and share.

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